Answer: Go on a short holiday!

Seriously, if you are a Manager/CEO/Business Owner with people reporting to you, going on holiday is a fantastic way to create ongoing time in your diary (even after you get back!).  Here’s how I do it…

It’s well documented that people work much more productively in the days prior to going on leave.  But that hurried approach rarely gets even all of your own tasks done let alone allowing time to train others.  This plan will take much longer - at least 2 to 3 weeks.  It will, however, be some of the most effective hours you ever spend in growing the people around you.  So get organised and prepare well in advance by thinking in thirds:

  • 33.3% of your normal job will be done before you leave (prep)
  • 33.3% of your normal job will be done while you’re away (training / delegation required)
  • 33.3% of your normal job will be done when you get back (catch-up)

The 33.3% critical tasks that need to be done while you are away are the key to this plan.  These important tasks that can’t wait till you come back, are going to permanently handed over to someone else.  

These tasks need to be documented and delegated very carefully.  Do this properly.  Document what needs to be done and why.  Then select the best person to complete these tasks and take the time to train them. Don’t rush it. Be patient and stay close so you can catch them doing your critical tasks well.  Provide as much positive and constructive feedback as you can until the new skills have been mastered.

And once these tasks have been mastered by someone else, what’s happened?  You’ve just done yourself out of 33.3% of your job.  Perfect!  Now go on your holiday, let the guys at the office run the place like it’s theirs (tell them you trust them to do just this) then come back to much more time in your diary… 

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