Businesses based upon living a set of core values often have the very best workplace cultures.  The way those values are lived everyday is what builds the strong culture.  Importantly, the very smallest gesture that lives a core value can make the biggest impact.

At The Physio Co, one of our core values is Be Memorable.  This value guides us to be ‘friendly and make positive first impressions.’  One small way that our team lives this value is in our emails.  Since 2009, The Physio Co support team have all had “Have a great day” as the way we sign off from every email. 

This very small change has had a huge impact on many.  People continue to notice it, mention it and associate it with The Physio Co. Three years on, these four words continue to live our Be Memorable value and reinforce to everyone that we are a positive and welcoming family. 

What small change could you make today that will live your values and build a stronger team?