Sharing stories of team members living core values and then celebrating their successes is one of the best ways to build a strong family culture.

At The Physio Co we tell a short, 30-second story of a team member living one of our four core values everyday at our daily huddle.  To The Point, our 12-minute huddle has a set agenda and one day per week each member of our support team shares a story of another TPCer living a core value.

Similar to how we use core values for recognition, the stories are told like this:

Value - Find a better way: we inspire others by continually finding a better way

Who lived it - MT

How - MT (TPC physio) went shopping in her own time and with her own money to buy some new shoes for an elderly resident who had no family or friends to do it for her. The brand new shoes made the resi feel very special and of course she’s now much safer on her feet. Thanks MT, you’ve inspired us all to continue finding a better way!

Positive stories of team mates getting great results and being recognised by their peers is fun, feels great and helps to focus everyone on what works.

Storytelling is without doubt THE best way to build and strengthen a strong family culture.   No matter how many stories you’re already telling, I reckon you can always tell more!