A strong family culture is essentially a group of people that live and believe in a small set of shared values. Therefore, growing a values-based organisation is about attracting more and more people that share those values.

At The Physio Co we use our four core values to attract new team members by sharing and referring to them at every possible opportunity.  Potential new TPC team members already understand how important our values are before they even apply.  In most cases, one of the reasons why they apply is BECAUSE of our values.

The Physio Co core values are in many spots on our website, in our painted picture of 2012, used in recruitment and stories are told of TPCers living our values at To The Point every single day. Our core values are even No.2 on the list of the Top 57 reasons to work at The Physio Co!

Like attracts like.  Are you using core values to attract more culture-fits for your team?