Gathering feedback from the team is an age-old concept that most leaders will say is important.  But how good are you at it?  How often do you really listen?

Tonight, after everyone else had gone home I sat for an hour with one of our physios.  We talked about how things are going for her, actually she did most of the talking. I listened.  I listened as closely as I could.  I took notes and I asked plenty of questions.

It was a super important hour that I thoroughly enjoyed.  I heard about things that we are doing well and I also heard plenty of suggestions as to what we can do better.  It was an hour well spent and I’m very, very pleased that she asked to meet with me.

As a leader, one of the most important things I do is listen.  When anyone at The Physio Co asks to speak to me I am available. Everyone has my mobile number and they call me whenever they need to (it’s not every day and they respect my time).

How close are you to your team?