How we all spend the minutes, hours, weeks & years of our lives is purely choice. Very few adults have anyone to tell them how to spend their free time.  However, what is chosen really is important..

A couple of hours ago my wife picked up my iPhone 4, checked out the screen and said “I think it’s time to change the background image on your phone.” My response: “backgrounds have no place in my life!”

I was joking with her, but, it did make me stop and think.  Honestly, I am not particularly interested in spending time and making decisions on what my phone looks like when I’m NOT using it!  The cobblestone image that is there right now (thanks Steve Jobs) is just fine.  My phone is something I use everyday and it’s helpful.  But, it’s time with me is likely to be 12-18 months and then a new one will come along.  The background image during that period can stay the same. 

Instead of changing the image, I wrote this blog.  To me, this was time much better spent.  What do you think?