To maintain a strong company culture, selection is as much about keeping the wrong people out of your team as it is about getting the right people in. Here’s why..

At Zappos, people that don’t fit their culture are known as ‘polluters’.  I love the simplicity of this term because I’ve seen it first hand.  When the wrong people join a team, very quickly they start to pollute and dilute the very culture that you’ve worked so hard to create.

At The Physio Co (TPC), we have a firm belief that before selecting a new team member, there must be a very clear ‘YES’ for cultural fit from at least two existing TPCers. A ‘Maybe’ from either interviewer is an automatic ‘No’. 

Selecting the right people is a critical task that leaders must nail. Near enough isn’t good enough. Are you disciplined enough to say no to every maybe you meet?

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