If someone in my family gets sick or something goes wrong I usually visit them, I definitely ring them and I probably buy them some flowers or a gift to say “get well soon”.  At The Physio Co, we do the same.

Last week, two members of our support team had some time off. One was very sick with a horrible bug and the other had a scare at home with their partner.  They both communicated very clearly that it would be best that they had some time away to recover/help out.  I told them to take as long as they needed.

The rest of our team did our best to get their jobs done for them (arriving back to a mountain of work is never fun). We also arranged a bunch of flowers to be delivered to each of their homes with a little message to say “we’re thinking of you.”

This week, both of the guys are back on deck and committed to giving 100%.  They appreciated the space and they appreciated their gifts.

I care about each and every member of The Physio Co.  I think about how I can help them when they’re well, I think about how I can help them even more when they’re not well.

Kindness is free.