Every morning at The Physio Co we run a short, sharp huddle.  This stand-up meeting is called ‘To The Point’ and it’s on from 10:05-10:17am without fail. 

The purpose of To The Point is to keep our team aligned and focussed on bringing our Painted Picture of 2012 vision to life.

To The Point to is good fun and THE most important meeting that The Physio Co support team have.

A daily 12-minute meeting with 5-7 people contributing needs lots of discipline. Everyone arrives by 10:04 and our To The Point Captain kicks off at 10:05 sharp.  Being late or unprepared is not an option.

The concept of a daily huddle was introduced to me by Verne Harnish and is based upon the way John D. Rockefeller ran his business, Standard Oil (now Mobil). Rockefeller’s disciplined approach replaced the helter-skelter methods of most growing businesses and catapulted him to lead his industry way back in the 1800’s.  

Since 2009, The Physio Co has been using a Rockefeller-style meeting rhythm that has improved the way we communicate and provided a daily focus on what is important.

The Physio Co team and I LOVE welcoming guests into our support centre to join us for a To The Point.  If you’d like to join us, grab the details from over here and make it happen.  

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