A list of things ‘not-to-do’ is a super effective way to get more done.

I have some bad habits.  You know, stuff I choose to do when I should be getting real work done.  A not-to-do list helps me focus.  It includes all the stuff that distracts me. The stuff I should not do.

If you want to be more efficient and get more done.  Consider starting a ‘not-to-do’ list today.  It will take less than 5 mins to make and could save you hours everyday.

A few things from my list that might get you started:

  • Don’t eat lunch on the job.  A short break and fresh air helps me focus.
  • Don’t check email more than 2 x day. If something urgent is happening, I’ll get a call.
  • Don’t be constantly logged in to facebook. You can lose hours on FB, Again, if something urgent is happening, I’ll get a call.
  • Don’t agree to meetings or calls without an agenda.  A clear objective and a planned duration of less than 30 mins is best for me.

My no-to-do list works.  But it’s taken a lot of discipline.  Just like sharing your dreams, sharing your not-to-do list with your boss or workmate might help you stick to it. Start today and if you make it work, I promise you’ll find at least any extra hour in every day. 

NB - Unlike a to-do list, you don’t need a new not-to-do list everyday.  One not-to-do list may just do for the next 5 years.