Growing businesses need growing people.  The reason: if a business is to grow, the people within it ALL need to be continually learning, improving and growing.

I am obsessed by learning.  Every single day I look for ways to learn.  I listen, I read, I watch, I write and I reflect.  I learn from others and I learn from myself.  Often the best learning comes from my own mistakes.

As the CEO of The Physio Co, my priorities include our vision, our values and the alignment of our team to both.  To stay relevant to our team, our customers and our industry, I need to be learning even faster than our business grows.  The same goes for everyone in our team, if we are not learning, we are being left behind.

In the next few weeks I have a ton of learning events that I’m attending.  I’m excited at what I will learn and then share.

Learning. Nothing is more important.