If you want to grow your business faster, you’ll need more meetings.  That’s right more meetings, not less. Here’s why..

Businesses generally have annual planning days, monthly management meetings and a semi-regular weekly meeting.  This approach can work for businesses growing at 10-15% per year.  If you want to grow at 30%, 40% or even 50% per year, you’ll need to compress time and have many more meetings.

In a fast growth business there is so much happening that a year can feel more like a decade and a quarter more like a year.  With this in mind, you’ll need to talk strategy at least every quarter, measure performance every week and pulse with a short huddle every day.

The best way to start a faster meeting rhythm is with a daily huddle.  This is where we started at The Physio Co, we call our huddle To The Point and it’s become the most important meeting we have.

Pulsing faster by committing to a regular meeting rhythm and almost religious discipline are some of the keys to fast growth.

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PPS - If you’d like to see our daily huddle in action, come and join us!