Do you have a list of things you’d rather be doing?  Like learning how to fly a plane, training a guide dog, running a marathon or travelling to Tunisia? Perhaps you should…

About 18 months ago, KW and I created separate lists of things we’d rather be doing than working.  We shared them with each other and now we work together to make our dreams come true.  It’s one of the best things we ever did!

On both of our lists was to live in Regional Victoria for at least 12 months.  Right now we are 2 months in to making that dream a reality - and we both wish we’d made the move years ago!

Creating a bucketlist is easy, just sit down for 20 minutes and make a list of all the things you’ve ever dreamed of doing.  Some questions that might help are:

  • Things you’d like to learn
  • Things you’d like to do
  • Places you’d like to go
  • Things you’d like to buy
  • Sights you’d like to see
  • Sporting events you’d like to go to
  • Personal goals you’d like to achieve

Give it a shot and share your list with some people that you trust.  The more people that know about your dreams, the more people that can help you make them come true. 

PS - Think big and don’t worry how you are going to afford your dreams.  You’ve got years to figure that out!  

PPS - Share your list.  My bucketlist is on the wall at work and sometimes the guys spur me on to keep making my dreams come true.  

PPPS - The pleasure in making your dreams come true is often in the journey, not just by ‘ticking things off’.  Thanks Steve Glowrey for this important reminder