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Q: Dear Tristan, help! I’m having big problems retaining staff. I honestly think that I am providing the training and support that they need. But, a majority of new staff are leaving within 3-12 months. What can I do? - CT.

A: Dear CT,

Great question and whatever you do please don’t accept what’s happening as the norm. You can get this right!

Now, perhaps the reason that some people are leaving is that you’re not selecting the right ones in the first place? It’s unlikely that you will be able to retain staff if they’re not the right culture-fit for your team.

At The Physio Co, our approach to assessing whether someone is the next TPCer is mainly about culture-fit. We are laser-focussed on whether every applicant can not only live our core values everyday, but, whether they can do it effortlessly. In effect, we’re looking for people who have very similar personal values to our core values.

To assess culture fit, it takes time and I don’t think it’s possible to get it right in just one interview. In fact, The Physio Co uses a rigorous 6-step selection process that includes at least 2 face-to-face interviews. Selection is much like a courting process and committing to marriage after just one date is crazy! If the first interview goes well, ask them on another one. If the second interview goes well and they fit all the criteria your looking for in a long term partner, only then would I consider a relationship.

In my experience, selection is the place to start reviewing if you’re having retention problems.

Good luck,