In short, here’s my week. I’m..

Energised - by finishing my first Olympic distance triathlon yesterday!

Pleased - to be sharing To The Point with Steven (a member of the Culture is Everything community) tomorrow morning

Excited - about The Physio Co family’s first 2012 Learning Event, ‘Helping oldies with Delirium, Dementia & Depression’ on Tuesday. (Join us if you’d like..!)

Attending - a free ‘Business is Booming’ event by Brad Sugars. (Interested? Sign up here)

Improving - the way we make Culture is Everything TV. (No episode this week, it’ll back with a couple of changes next Tuesday).

Focussed - on improving my presentation skills in session 2 of The Physio Co’s program with Communicators Melbourne

Learning - from a master! I’m attending a Business Chicks workshop with Tony Hsieh of Zappos on Thursday. (Awesome!)

Training -  3 hours in the pool, 7 on the bike & 5 hours on foot this week.  Only 12 weeks until Ironman Australia

Helping - to organise a long lunch for my good mate Mike before his big wedding day!