Answer: Treat writers and journalists with the respect they deserve.

This week I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some brilliant journos & reporters from BRW, SmartCompany & Dynamic Business.  

These guys have the power to write great things about you and your business if you work with them and help them.  Here are a few things I’ve learnt that might just result in more PR for your business:

  • Be available
  • Return calls and emails quickly
  • Understand they may have tight deadlines
  • Understand the angle they’re writing
  • Be polite, helpful and interested in their day
  • Be prepared for the conversation and have something interesting to say
  • Don’t ask to see the article before it goes to print (it’s their work, not yours!)
  • Be humble. If you have a great story to tell, let them write it.
  • Don’t take up too much of their time.  If they’re busy, respect that.

In short: be nice, be helpful!

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