Today, my wife picked up her shiny new car.  In the process, I noticed something interesting - neither the sales guy or the bloke arranging the finance knew the finer details of their jobs.

Let’s call the guys from the car yard, Bill & Ted.

Bill was responsible for the car finance.  When I asked Bill why he had given us four copies of the finance agreement (2 signed, 2 unsigned) his response was: “I don’t know. It’s some kind of legal requirement but I never ask”. Hmm, I think you should know the answer Bill… 

Ted was the salesman who sold us the car.  I liked Ted, he was genuine and helpful, but he too didn’t know the minor details of his job.  Before we drove off, Ted gave us the 30-minute intro and demonstration of how to use the car.  He was connecting our phones via bluetooth when I asked him how many phones we could sync.  His response: “Ahh, about 4 or 5”.  Now between us, Kim and I only have two phones so it wasn’t an issue.  But, could we connect 4 or 5?  I think Ted should know the detail.  It’s his job.

If someone asks me a question about my work, I want to know the answer.  I feel a sense of responsibility to know the answer.  It’s my job, if I don’t know the answer, who will!?

The detail.  I think you need to know it.