Listening to new ideas is an absolute pleasure.  

The problem: I don’t think there are enough conversations that really discuss great ideas.  

As Tom Peters puts it, ‘If you can’t say, a couple of times a week, “I had my mind twisted like a pretzel today,” you are sliding down a slippery slope to stale thinking and staleness in general. (Both mind & body must be fit and stretched!)

Consider this from Eleanor Roosevelt*:  “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people” 

The challenge: for the next 24 hours, pay extra attention to every conversation you have. Make a note of whether it’s about a) people, b) events or c) ideas.  Once the 24 hours are over, make a decision, what is it that you’ll be talking about more of from now on?

Ideas. Think about them, talk about them, learn to love them!

*Dispute exists as to whether Eleanor penned or simply used these words