“Not bad” is THE most common response to the question ‘how are you?”.  

“Pretty average”, “Okay”, “Sh!thouse” and “Oh, so-so” are other common responses.

I find this ridiculous.  Why on earth would you rate yourself on a scale of how bad you are feeling?!

Our lives are quite simply the story we tell ourselves.  Or, more technically, ‘what the mind harbours, the body manifests’.  Tell yourself you feel crap, and you’ll probably feel crap.

What a waste!

From today, I challenge you to start using ridiculously positive statements when anyone asks how are you?  Instead of “not bad”, say, “I’m fantastic”, “Great thank you” or “Couldn’t be better”.  

Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.  I’ll bet you’ll feel better, have more energy and you might even inspire others with your happiness.  

The “scale of bad” is dead.  Long live the “scale of awesome”.

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