Listening is undervalued. Compared to being a powerful speaker or writer it doesn’t sound sexy to be known as ‘a great listener’. But it’s much more important than many people think.

From what I’ve learnt, there are three R’s to becoming a great listener..

1. Receive

  To understand it, you have to hear it.  Be still. Wait. Nod. Take notes. Don’t interrupt.  Focus on what the other person is saying (stop thinking about what you will do or say next. Focus on receiving.)

2. Reflect

Think about what you’re hearing.  Make sense of it.  Ask clarifying questions. 

3. Rephrase

Put what you’re hearing into your own words to make sure you understand it.  Ask if your rephrased version is what you were supposed to be hearing.  Give the other person a chance to correct you.  Take the time to get it right together.

Listening deserves a lot more time than it gets.  Stay tuned, I’m planning on making listening sexy!