Do you sell?  If you said no, I don’t agree! (sorry!)

It occurred to me today that I’m ‘selling’ every single day.  At work, and at home, I’m eternally picturing what I think would be the best outcome and then ‘pitching’ to make that happen.  

A work example … I reckon we should have a party this weekend.  If the party is going to happen, I have to pitch the idea, gather support, overcome objections (“we can’t afford it”, “I don’t want it on a weekend”, “it’s going to rain”, “not enough people will come”) and, hopefully, lock in the ‘sale’ 

A home example … I reckon we should go out for pizza. Again, I have to pitch the idea, overcome objections (“I don’t like pizza”, “How about noodles?”, “I can’t be bothered”, “It costs too much”,  ”we went out last night”) and, hopefully lock in the ‘sale’.

I don’t always close the deal, but I’m forever ‘pitching’.  I think we all are.  

We never stop selling. Ever.