Every month I write a short post for Business Victoria’s Blog.  This month I was asked to write about flexible options for team members.  Here it is…


Growing businesses need great people. To get the best people and keep them on your team sometimes you need to be a bit creative.  Flexible work options could be the answer you need.

You see, work is no longer as significant a part of people’s lives as it used to be.  Sure, people still need to pay the bills, but family and more creative interests are sometimes almost as high on the list.  The days of the full time, nine to fiver are getting further and further behind us.

If you are not offering flexible working options, then look out, because someone else sure will be!

Flexible work options can include:

  • job sharing
  • nine day fortnights
  • leaving early (to pick up the kids)
  • extra leave without pay
  • split shifts

Here are a few points to get you started in the right direction.

Promote work life balance

Parents who combine raising kids with part time or full time work can be some of the most competent and capable people available.  In my humble opinion, raising kids is one of the most important jobs we have and it’s pretty obvious that work should fit in with our family commitments.  Based on the team we are building at The Physio Co, that’s exactly how many others seem to be thinking too.  Some flexible options need to be available if you are committed to attracting the best people to your business.

Focus on the outcomes

Now don’t stress and think ‘this is going to cost a fortune’.  More flexible work arrangements can mean even more productivity and profits for your business if you get it right. By focusing on outcomes (what your business needs to make/buy/sell) rather than process (we work from 8.30am-5pm) you will be able to rethink how your workplace could be more flexible.  Just because you’ve been doing things a certain way doesn’t mean they should stay like that forever.

Get staff input

Another approach you’ll need to consider is to ask your team how your business could offer more flexibility.  Seriously, I’ll bet some people in your team have been thinking about how their work could fit better with their lives (and still get the job done). The best people understand that your business needs to make a profit.  Ask them for their input, listen closely to their responses and you may just create an even better business than you ever thought possible.

There is no doubt that flexible work arrangements are here to stay.  Embrace the limitless options and focus on creating a business that works for everyone.

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