Do you still buy music on CD’s?  I doubt it.  So why do you still buy books off the shelf?  It’s old fashioned, slow and clutters your life.

The reasons I have Amazon’s Kindle on my iPad and iPhone:

  • I can carry ALL of my books in my pocket
  • I can read whenever I have a few spare minutes
  • I can refer to the new things I’ve recently read when I’m out and about
  • I can buy a book from just about anywhere, anytime (home, work, a cafe, even a hospital)
  • I can hear about a book, buy it and start reading in 2-3 minutes
  • The app syncs between my iPhone and iPad - I never lose my page!
  • I can highlight things, make notes, save the notes and even delete the notes
  • Digital books are cheaper than hard copy books
  • I’ll never have to pack boxes of books when I move again!

Kindle is free from Apple’s app store.  If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, make the leap today.