Leaders of fast growing businesses must become masters of delegation.  Why? Because fast growth creates more work.  More work that continues to land on the desk of the leader is unsustainable (& not much fun!)   

Delegating is just a fancy term that means asking for help.  For example, at home, if you ask your partner politely to please buy some milk while they are out, you’ve just delegated. It’s that simple.

At work, if you create the time to carefully teach someone how to do a job that has been your responsibility, you're on the way to delegating that task.   Once you're confident that person can now do the task without being supervised, you're even closer.  Finally, when you've explained the reason you need the task done and have their agreed commitment of what, when and how they will do it in the future  - you’ve just delegated. Simple.

In my experience, if I ask nicely and concisely explain why I need a job done, people like to help.  Delegating works for them because they get more responsibility and it works for me because I have one less job to do.

Delegation.  It’s just asking for help.

NB - with every task you delegate, don't forget to 'inspect what you expect'