Are you busy?  Find it hard to make it to all of the things you said you would?  If so, there’s a pretty good chance it’s affecting your reputation. Here’s why..

 Two weeks ago, in Foster, the little town that I grew up in, I learned a valuable lesson about availability.  You see, I’m a member of the Committee of Management for Prom Country Aged Care (PCAC).  PCAC provides residential care for 60 locals and is in the process of planning a new aged care facility. I joined the committee earlier this year and feel privileged to be involved with such a hard-working group of volunteers.

After attending an extraordinary committee meeting, I was discussing the challenges I have getting to all of PCAC’s monthly meetings with Sandy, our chairperson.  Like all the other committee members, I’m a willing volunteer that balances time between the committee of management, our families, our day jobs or businesses and our personal lives. In recent months, I haven’t had that balance right and have missed a few meetings.

Sandy was completely understanding of my situation and we figured out ways that I can contribute even when I can’t make it to the meetings.  However, she did leave me with four words that really resonated: ‘credibility comes with availability’.

Are you really too busy? To be respected, you’ve got to show up.