The Physio Co has been growing fast for the past seven years.  As the CEO, it’s my job to always be one step ahead.  That means my average speed has to be faster than The Physio Co.  But as a leader, I also have to be able to ‘change gears’.  

When our team is aligned, we are moving fast and getting heaps of work done, I’ll be in top gear too. But when there is even a hint of a speed bump, I slow right down..

Moving at a slower pace when there is a problem helps me understand the challenge and make the right decision(s). Slowing down and taking time to listen to my team, our clients and our suppliers as if I have all the time in the world (even when I could be doing 1000 other things) is how I do it.

As a leader, it’s my job to be across everything and make good judgement calls.  I don’t think this is possible when flying along in fifth gear. First or second is where you’ll find me in tricky times.

Do you have gears? Do you know when to use them?