This morning I experienced something special - an event that exceeded my expectations.  How?

  • It started on time and finished on time (critical for a breakfast event)
  • There were more people to help me find my seat than I could ever need (the same applied for the other 1699 people there.  Impressive)
  • The MC was welcoming, friendly, approachable but not over the top (great return to hosting Carrie Bickmore. Class act.)
  • The sponsors’ presentations were short, sharp and even fun (gasp!)
  • The keynote presentation was on time, engaging and had take-home value for 1-person, 10-person and 1000-person businesses
  • The raffle and door prizes were worth winning!

The event was a Business Chicks breakfast with the one and only Richard Branson.  

Emma Isaacs and the Business Chicks team you have at least one more raving fan after today!  Awesome work.