Why is it awesome?  Because tomorrow I can just drive it straight out!

A couple of weeks back I blogged about the little things that make you smile.  (If you haven’t read it, take 30 seconds and read it now, then come back - click here).

No. 370 of Neil Pasricha’s 1000 Awesome Things is ‘Backing Your Car In’. Tonight, I backed my car in and Neil was right, IT FEELS AWESOME.

How many of you that have checked out the 1000 Awesome Things site have actually followed through and done something awesome from the list?  

Today is Friday, the weekend is here, why not chose something simple from the list and make it happen this weekend?  I’m telling you it feels 1000 times better when you actually do it.   (I’m still smiling about my car!  I’ll probably go and look at it again soon ;) It seriously feels awesome).

Do the little things that make you smile.  It’s fun