Tools, stories & ideas to help grow your team..

Happy New Year!  I hope the Christmas / New Year period has been a good one :)  

Thanks to everyone who emailed and tweeted feedback on Culture is Everything 2011. Based on the feedback, here’s the weekly post rhythm for 2012:

  • Monday morning – text post on how we use our core values to grow the family culture at The Physio Co 
  • Monday afternoon –  text post called ‘What’s TW up to”. A quick look at what I’m reading, writing, preparing and attending in the week ahead.
  • Tuesday – video post.  Culture is Everything TV has arrived! A short video with tools, ideas and stories to help grow your culture. 
  • Wednesday – text post called “Ask Tristan”.  Each week I’ll answer a question on how to handle a tricky staff situation.
  • Thursday – text post on what I’ve learnt this week

It all starts next Monday.  Until then, have an awesome weekend…

PS - if you know someone who might like this blog, please send them the link :)