Short bursts of exercise are an awesome way to recharge the batteries.  Getting started is the important part.

This afternoon I found myself with an extra half an hour up my sleeve before preparing for an important event.  My options were: a) have a rest in the hotel room b) do some work c) go for a walk around the block d) hit the hotel gym/pool for a quick workout.

I chose option d. Why? Why not!

Option a was boring, option b could wait & option c wasn’t appealing (I find CBD’s all much the same).

The result: I feel fantastic!  The pool was tiny, about 12 metres!  But, I jumped in and pumped out a hundred laps!! It was a quick, fun (and dizzying!) workout.  And I am re-energised.  I’ll be doing that again.   

PS - I’m in Sydney tonight with a few TPCer’s for the BRW Best Places to Work Awards.  Wish us luck!