The work of American author Jim Collins has been incredibly influential on my business career so far, and, it's been applied in many ways at The Physio Co.

This is the first in a 3-part solo-series of episodes that explores 3 lessons I've learned from Jim Collins from 3 online sessions I've spent with Jim in the past few months.

Today's learnings are based on Jim's question: 'Do we have 90% of the seats in our business filled with the right people?' 

The lessons from his Good to Great research include:

  • To 'be rigorous, not ruthless';
  • To transform your minibus into a 'pocket of greatness'
  • How often to check if you have the right people on your bus.

The next episode in this 3-part series will be from Jim's book 'Great by Choice'.

I'll be reading Great by Choice in the next few weeks and then hosting an online conversation about what I've learned from the book in the first week of September.

If you'd like to join this very first Culture Is Everything Book Club event, please let me know!