This (short) episode is a little different.

No guest, no interview, just me riffing solo on a topic that's item one on the Culture Is Everything checklist: discovering a short, compelling and easy-to-understand core purpose (instead of a wishy-washy mission statement) as a foundation of a strong team culture.

In this episode, you'll hear the story of the very first team members I ever employed, to move from a solo start-up business to a team with employees that has since become the 150-person strong The Physio Co.

In those early days, I didn't even know what culture was and he made plenty of mistakes which have helped shape both The Physio Co and my Culture Is Everything approach.

This episode has lessons, learnings and a call to action for you to build an even better place to work.

To download a copy of the Culture Is Everything Checklist, click here.