In short, here’s what’s on for this week March 6-12. I’m..

Excited - by sharing The Physio Co Culture Book with the world.  Grab your free ebook copy here.

Asking - you to please help me share The Physio Co Culture Book. Please send or give it to at least one person you think might like it.  Print it, email it, share it on facebook, tweet it, blog about it but please share it just once.  Thanks for your help :)

Recovering - from the tough 2km event at the Phillip Island Swim Classic yesterday.  (I swallowed far too much water in the choppy conditions!)

Writing - TPC Talk, my fortnightly newsletter to The Physio Co team.

Attending - my last session on becoming a better presenter with Communicators Melbourne (it’s been awesome!)

Heading - to a full day Jack Daly ‘Growing Sales by Design & Culture’ learning event on Thursday.

Excited - by the wedding of good friends Sheena & Mike this Sunday.

Training -  3 hours in the pool, 9.5 on the bike & 6.5 hours on foot this week.  Only 9 weeks until Ironman Australia!

Hoping - our little Alex will remember how to get herself to sleep again soon :)

What are you up to this week?