In short, here’s my week.  I’m…

Finalising - the very first edition of The Physio Co’s Culture Book.  (I’m pretty excited about this! Thanks for your help KW).

Applying - for the Entrepreneurial Masters Program. (An EO executive education event held in Boston from May 23-27).

Attending - the January meeting of Prom Country Aged Care (PCAC)

Reading - Fascinate: Your 7 triggers to Persuasion and Captivation, by Sally Hogshead

Celebrating - Australia Day! KW, AW and I will head to our local event on Thursday for a barbie and to congratulate the award winners. 

Training -  This week I’ll be spending 5.5 hours on the bike, 3 hours in the pool and 4.5 on foot.

Wishing - my Mum, Marj, a very happy birthday for Friday (Happy birthday Mum!)