In short, here's what's happened May 6-13 & happening May 14-20. I'm...

Pinching myself - I am an Ironman! I made it.  Read the full race report over here & see the official photos here.

Nursing - two really sore toes from the IM marathon (I haven't worn shoes for a week!)

Moving around - I've been in Vancouver from May 9-12, Atlanta May 14-16 & right now I'm in the air on the way to New York.

Learning - Global Leadership Conference in Vancouver.  This EO event was 2 days of training for my new role as Board Member of EO Melbourne.  I was there with 750 other EO leaders (& 10 of the Melbourne Board) to learn what's required for my year ahead as Communications Chair.

Learning 2 - Fortune Leadership Summit in Atlanta.  This 2-day Gazelles / Fortune event was brilliant. Verne Harnish always puts on a brilliant group of thought leading speakers.  This year was no exception with Jim Collins the headline act.

Commenting - on what makes for a short, sharp & productive meeting. Click here for a 30-second read from LeadingCompany

Writing - the next 5 days in New York have a focus: draft 5 chapters of the Culture is Everything book.  I'll have my head down at the Ace Workspace creating the content! (Don't worry I'll make time to see the sights, run around the park and eat some pizza too!)

Recruiting - The Physio Co is on the lookout for physios in Melbourne, Bendigo & Geelong who love helping oldies stay mobile, safe & happy.  If you know someone who might be interested, please ask them to get in touch :)

Loving - FaceTime & iMessage!  Seeing KW & Little Alex both live via FaceTime & in daily photos via iMessage (all for free) is just brilliant! I love Apple :)