The Physio Co has grown significantly from a one person physio practice to a 40+ person fast moving small business since 2004.  The speed that we’ve been growing in recent times has had us doubling in size approx every 2.5 years - and that growth is not slowing down any time soon.

To grow at this speed and simultaneously build a strong team has created a hell of a lot of extra work.  As CEO, it’s my responsibility to always be just ahead of the rest of our team so that I can teach, guide, support and have time for everyone else.  

Getting more done does NOT involve moving faster.

In fact, I’ve learnt that to get more done I need to move much, much slower than I used to.

Why do I move slower? Because, in my experience, the faster I move, the more likely mistakes are to happen.  And I don’t have time for mistakes.  

How do I get more done? I make less mistakes.