I love planning.  The reason: once I’ve thought through a plan and it’s set, I don’t have to think about it any more.  Woohoo!

Seriously, if I don’t plan, I continuously think about what I need to do and how the hell I’m going to make it all work.

Whether it’s planning for a day, a week or a year - the sooner I think it through and make a specific plan the less I’ll have on my mind.

At The Physio Co, we have a three year plan. It’s called our Painted Picture of 2012. This plan was created in 2009 and we have been executing it ever since.  It was a long, painful process to create our first ever three year plan.  It was also the best thing we ever did.  We no longer have to think about what we are trying to do.  The plan is on the wall, on our website and in plenty of other places.  None of us need to think about the plan for this year and next year, it’s already set for us.  Perfect!

The more I plan, the less I have to think..