People are leaving facebook.

Since 1 Jan 2011, a small number of my Facebook friends have left.  They’ve had enough, said their farewells (via one final status update) and deactivated their accounts.  Why?

Facebook is addictive.  We’ve all wasted hours scrolling through photos of people we barely know, let alone care about.  If this is ALL you use Facebook for, go ahead and delete your account today - you’ll never get those lost hours back!!

To get the most value out of Facebook I reckon you have to give to receive.  Why not send a private message to someone you haven’t seen in ages?  How about a ‘thumbs up’ for a genuine achievement one of your mates has just shared?

Receiving a message or out-of-the-blue wall post might just reconnect you with a lost friend. If you start giving, you may see Facebook in a whole new light…

(FYI - Based upon today’s news, Facebook is a here to stay for a while longer yet)