Ever been mocked for something you say? I have and I love it!  Why? Because it’s a sign that I’ve repeated myself so many times that people get it.

Over the past few years I’ve been mocked by my TPC team mates for encouraging them to “focus on what’s important”, “work through your list” & “finish one thing at a time”.

This week something special happened.  The concept of a ‘Daily TOP 3’ is a tool that I’ve been using and sharing for years.    In my absence, one of our leaders helped another member of our team and handed over the concept of creating a Daily TOP 3 list of priorities every morning.  It helped them both.  

Why is it so special? Because one generation of TPCer is passing on useful tools to the next (and I had nothing to do with the conversation). Perfect.

When you’re being mocked, I reckon you’ve almost repeated yourself enough!