Today I had a conundrum:  to pack and take 21 MBA study guides totalling more than 3000 pages as we move house? Or part company with said notes?

My first thought was: “I might need them”.  My next thought was: “Will I ever actually look at them again?”

So, in true MBA-style, I considered which option provided the greatest long term value(!)…

  1. Keep the notes - pack them, move them and find a new spot for them at the other end.  ”Just in case” (Even though I’m 90+% sure I’ll never need them)
  2. Part company with the notes - find them a new home, save space and never have to think about them again. 

In the end, it was an easy one.  Hoarding is not my thing.  I’m parting company with the study guides.

In deciding what to do, it became very clear that my MBA journey was one of the best things I’ve even done.  I grew as a leader and as a person much more during my MBA years than at any other time in my life.

The study guides that have been sitting on a bookshelf gathering dust is not where the value is.

Good bye notes…