Businesses, teams and workplaces that have a strong culture are the most sustainable and the most productive.  They have an ‘energy’ about them that you can almost feel.  These type of environments don’t just happen, it takes discipline and constant action to continually raise the energy levels.  Here’s a quick story of how we added just a little bit of energy at The Physio Co this week.

At lunch time on Tuesday a couple of our support office team were having their lunch at about 1pm.  I noticed that 3 more of us were planning to have some lunch in the next half hour. Instead of just letting a typical situation occur where people separately have their lunch somewhere between 12 & 2pm, I saw an opportunity to create an unplanned team lunch.  By quickly grabbing some sandwiches from our local cafe and convincing the guys to leave their work for half an hour we all sat together and broke bread.  It was fun, we caught up on what’s been happening outside of work, did some last minute planning of The Physio Co’s 8th birthday party and then went back to work with a spring in our step.  It was the best thing that could have happened.

Spotting this opportunity and moving quickly to create a small amount of buzz in our office, added just a little bit more energy to everyone’s day.  It can be the smallest things that multiply to create the most energetic team and strongest culture.  The discipline to create these opportunities and turn them into memorable moments throughout the week is everyone’s responsibility.  But, for it to last, it has to start from the top.

How can you add just a little bit of energy to your team tomorrow?



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