Powerpoint is one of the most commonly used computer programs in the world.  It’s powerful.  It’s popular. It’s what most people use for EVERY presentation.  If everyone’s using it, it’s definitely time to consider using something else..

I’m a big fan of Seth Godin.  He is the king of killer presentations. I sought his advice on how to create a killer presentation when I presented “The Key to Staff Motivation” webinar for Smartcompany.  I thought I nailed the powerpoint slides for that webinar.  I was wrong.

Today I revisited Seth’s posts Really Bad Powerpoint &  Nine Steps to Powerpoint Magic. They made me realise that I’ve still got lots of work to do on my presentations.

I’ve still been using powerpoint (Seth questions whether we even need it) and my presentations, including the one I thought I nailed, have still had a few bullet points (I’ll never use them again, I promise!).

This week I’m speaking at 3 events. Each of these presentations will be short, involve at least 2 stories, only one of them will use powerpoint and there will be no bullet points. It’s definitely time to raise the bar.

More stories and no bullet points are the keys to a killer presentation. Death by powerpoint ends here.