Every job in the entire world can be boring if we let it.  Similarly, any job can be an absolute winner, if we choose it.  The attitude we bring to work each day has a massive impact on happiness at work.

Employee engagement or staff motivation is one of the biggest challenges in business today.  But whose problem is it: the employee or the employer?  I tend to think it’s the responsibility of both.

Whether a job is tedious or exciting is entirely in the eyes of the individual.  Traditionally, working as a physiotherapist with elderly clients in aged care homes has long been perceived as one of the ugly ducklings of the health world.  According to many in the physio profession, there are much more exciting jobs than hanging out with old people.  Of course, that’s only if you choose that view!  Along with 1000's of others, I happen to work in the aged care industry, the so-called ugly duckling, and I wouldn't change that for the world.

“When I start feeling bored at work I know that it’s my problem and not anyone else’s”.  This was the fascinating response I heard from a workmate at The Physio Co when I asked her how she keeps herself motivated at work.  These words are from an experienced physio with more than 20 years clinical experience.  Her job that involves treating elderly clients suffering from chronic pain, poor mobility and a huge variety of other conditions is a positive, meaningful and fun part of her life.  The fact that she sometimes hears the same stories and laughs at the same jokes with the same people four times a week is all part of the appeal!

She continued, “I love my job and if ever it feels monotonous I just set myself a new challenge.”  Despite the perception from others that aged care work and chronic pain management treatments can become mundane,  she loves her job of working with oldies and is grateful for the opportunity she gets everyday.   She knows that any moments of distraction or lack of motivation at work is not the fault of the 80, 90 & 100 year old clients she gets to spend her time listening to, learning from and caring for. It's her responsibility.

I love this! I love that she takes responsibility to re-energise & re-motivate herself when she needs to. I love that she acknowledges boredom as a choice and that she sees it as an opportunity to find a new way to challenge and engage herself at work.  She is living proof that personal happiness comes from taking responsibility for your own experience.

Whatever the industry, the job, the environment, or the culture we all have the option to choose our attitude.  That applies to employers and employees; managers & team members.   I choose work to be a positive, meaningful and fun part of life.  How about you?