On Monday night, I'd planned to go for a run. I love running and I always feel so much better afterwards. But on Monday I felt pretty unmotivated and questioned whether I'd even go. I did everything I could to put it off. I stayed at work later than I'd planned.  When I got home I took my time getting into my running gear.   I played with little Alex for a while and was doing everything I could to delay my run.  As I slowly got ready I was trying to convince myself of how good it would feel once I started running.  But I wasn't buying it.

I eventually got out the door and it was freezing! The wind was blowing and I felt like it might start raining any second.  Again I reminded myself how much I love running, but, I still considered going back inside and missing my run.  I told myself that maybe I should miss the run because I'd been at work all day, I hadn't seen my family much recently and Alex woud go to bed soon.  I wouldn't want to miss giving her a kiss good night now would I?  They were just excuses. I slowly walked out onto the street and turned my stopwatch on as I felt like I could freeze.  I waited for a few seconds as the watch tried to find where I was via GPS (for some reason, since having a GPS stopwatch, I feel compelled to track my speed and distance every single run.)  On Monday, the watch seemed to take longer than usual to 'locate the satellites'.  I used the delay as another opportunity to think about missing the run and heading back inside.  Finally, without locating the satellites, and barely thinking about it, I started running.

I ran down the street looking at my watch to see if the GPS had found me.  It hadn't.  I turned the corner.  Still no GPS. Finally, about a minute into the run, still without the GPS working,  I hit 'start' on the watch and focussed on the road ahead.  I was running and it felt brilliant!  I couldn't believe that I'd considered missing this run.  It was awesome.  "Who needs GPS or even a watch at all?" I thought to myself.  25 minutes later I arrived home with plenty of time to shower, have one last play with Alex and then kiss her good night before she went off to bed.  I was happier than I ever would've been had I stayed inside and missed the run.

How much motivation did I need to start running.  About 3 seconds worth.  I only needed to be motivated enough to start.  The moment when I stopped thinking and started running was the critical step.  And I barely remember it!

Our minds try to play so many tricks on us, but by realising that we only need motivation in 3 second bouts, getting more done seems so much easier.   You see, even the people who seem incredibly motivated and appear as if they could get ten times more done than you or I aren't motivated all the time.  The only motivation that most of us need is the motivation to get started.  And that takes about 3 seconds.

Being motivated in 3 second bouts seems so much more achievable than being motivated all the time. What do you think?  Instead of trying to be motivated all the time, try breaking it down into 3 second chunks and see if that makes any difference.  I'd love to know how it works out for you or any other ways you use get moving.  Please share in the comments below.