Today I spent an hour playing table tennis with my neighbour.  He loved it and so did I.

Sylvester, my neighbour, is a 73 year old Austrian bloke who lives on his own in sleepy little Sandy Point. He is a cool cat that spends 3 months of the year visiting his long time girlfriend in Austria.  The other 9 months are spent working around his house, feeding native birds and cooking for one.

Last week he invited me over for a game because he needed to “practice his backhand”.  Well after an hour of trying to get his lightning shots back over the net, I can tell you his backhand is just fine!

Table tennis was just a reason for me to hang out with Sylvester, hear about his life in Austria and have some fun.  Spending an hour once a week or so is the least I can do I reckon.  From now on, Sylvester and I will be having a regular game.

Keep your eyes peeled for someone who might enjoy some of your time..