When you give a gift, do you take an interest in what happens to it?  I used to, but I’ve decided to stop.  I don’t think I have any claim on a gift once it’s been given..

I’ve decided that my part in gifting is the selection and the giving (the best bits!), but nothing more. What someone does with a gift that I have given is completely up to them.

Why?  Because when I take an interest in what they do with the gift it creates a sense of expectation and pressure that they HAVE to like it and make use of it.  That’s not fair.

In the past, I’ve received gifts that I’m very unlikely to ever use the way the giver intended (I think we all have). And that should be OK.

With a gift I have received, it’s now mine. I can choose to use it or not use it any way I like. I can hang a print in my shed rather than in our living room if I choose.  An new ice cream sample from a supplier can be given to someone who really loves ice creams.  And if I don’t make time to cash in a gift voucher well that’s my problem.

What do you think? Would our relationships at work and at home be just a little bit stronger if we focussed on the giving and gave up any right to a gift once it’s been given?