The Physio Co Culture Book 2016 CoverRituals are important in business and they're important in life.  They help us create memories.

At The Physio Co we have a growing number of rituals like the words and sayings we use; huddles and meetings we attend; and of course the parties, awards and celebrations we throw (remember this post about parties?).  The beauty of so many rituals is that we create a mountain of  memories by sticking to the rhythm: year in and year out.

One ritual we have stuck to for the last 5 years is creating a TPC Culture Book. You can think of the TPC Culture Book as a year book if you'd like. We call it a Culture Book.  It's a beautifully designed snapshot into life at The Physio Co.  The TPC Culture Book is our cultural memory bank that records the milestones and successes of a fast growing business.  It also inspires us to bigger and better things!

The 2016 version is the 5th edition of The Physio Co Family Culture Book and is our biggest one yet - it's got more than 70 pages of photos, smiles and insights into our growing TPC family. (It's packed full of TPC team member's ideas about our culture along with photos of our parties and our newest family members.)

In this year's Culture Book, one of the questions we asked was: What does it feel like to be a part of The Physio Co family?

Here's one of the 56 responses:

"It is great to feel part of a team that has a genuine passion working as physiotherapists in the aged care sector. The Physio Co really want to make a difference to the lives of the elderly population. They also understand that physios are also mothers, fathers, cricket players or may be studying part-time, and a work-life balance is really important. I feel lucky to be working for The Physio Co. The Physio Co have listened to my ambitions and are great in trying to work with me in reaching them. What i like most about The Physio Co is that they understand that in order for The Physio Co to grow, their staff also need to grow and develop and they will help you along with your journey.."

- Martin H, TPCer since 2015

Grab your copy here to see all the other responses and get to know how The Physio Co has been one of Australia's 50 Best Places to Work for the last 7 years.

This little ebook was made to be shared :)  If you like our Culture Book, please pass it on: you could email it, share it on LinkedIn or Facebook, tweet the link or even blog about it yourself.

Enjoy the read, Tristan.

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