Keeping people accountable is a must for leaders of fast moving businesses.  But, chasing people for things that should already be completed is not for me.  Here’s how I get consistent results from my team:

  1. I make expectations crystal clear 

  • I describe the problem/challenge and what I’d like to be achieved in detail
  • I ask others how they will tackle it
  • I paraphrase the words they’ve used to clarify who will do what by when
  • I ask the person to confirm who will do what by when
  • I look the person in the eye and challenge them to over-deliver on the expectations

  2.  Inspect

  • I set a reminder to inspect what has been delivered at the time it was promised
  • If my expectations have been exceeded, I praise the specific performance and thank them for their help.
  • If my expectations have not been exceeded, I make it very clear that I’m not impressed with the performance and I re-establish who will do what by when.

  3. Repeat

  • I repeat this same process with every task, every day
  • Consistent results require consistent leadership.

Accountability increases many times over when expectations are crystal clear and success is always followed by praise.   Consistent leadership and specific praise are the keys.