In short, here's what's happening May 1-7. I'm...

Preparing - Ironman Australia is on this Sunday.  It's arrived!  Depending on which hour of the day you ask me, I'm feeling excited, anxious, a bit scared, confident or a little relieved! It's been almost 12 months since I registered for my first Ironman and I can't wait to test myself on the course.

KW and little Alex have supported and helped me every step of the way of this Ironman journey.  Come Sunday evening, it'll be their Ironman as much as it will be mine.  We've used the event as an excuse for a bit of a getaway and have already spent a week here in Port Macquarie.  In that time I've ridden and driven the bike course; little Alex and I walked the run course and tomorrow I'll dive in and get used to the Hastings river swim course with Steve Glowrey.

It's been awesome to watch all of the Ironman flags and tents go up around town.  It's also exciting seeing more and more people arrive in town wearing the Ironman branded gear.  I can see how some people get addicted. There's a bit of a cult feel about it!

The last part of my preparation involves a swim tomorrow morning followed by hitting the Ironman expo to pick up my very own Ironman branded gear!  Friday and Saturday will involve double and triple checking my gear, getting plenty of rest and fuelling up for the big day.  Wish me luck!

A big thanks to everyone who's helped and supported me along the way.  And thanks to my Mum, Pete, AD, Nic & of course KW and little Alex.  These guys will be here on Sunday to cheer me on.  It's going to be a long 12 hour+ day for me, and even longer for them waiting for me to finish!  Thanks for your support guys :)