Want to build a strong culture?  Then follow this 19-step Culture is Everything Checklist.

Like everything else in your business, culture can be systemised. The Culture is Everything Checklist: 19-steps to building a great place to work, has four sections:

              • Painting a Picture (of the future)
              • Discovering your Why
              • Executing Relentlessly
              • Caring (more than ever before)

Each of the sections in the checklist have between 4 and 6 individual steps that need to be integrated into your business.  By breaking down the idea of culture into smaller tasks, prioritising them, completing them and delegating some of the tasks to others you will be on the way to building a high performing team.   Building a strong culture really can be that simple.

 10 Years in the Making

To define the 19 steps needed to build a strong culture and then create the Culture is Everything Checklist, it's taken:

  • 10 years as a culture-obsessed Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO;
  • Mountains of books and articles read;
  • Tens of thousands of dollars invested;
  • An MBA;
  • An Entrepreneurial Masters Program at MIT;
  • Countless experiments and mistakes to learn from;
  • Months of sleepless nights;
  • Creating a high performing 100-person team with an award-winning culture (from one person with a vision 10 years earlier)
  • That team being ranked as one of Australia's 50 Best Places to Work for 5 consecutive years

From all that, I've created this culture checklist / cheat-sheet / shortcut to help fast track you to creating a strong culture and great place to work in your business.

Where to start

The simplest way to use the Culture is Everything Checklist is to start at the top and move through the list in sequence.  But, you can start anywhere.  You could start near the bottom to find some quick wins that move you towards your very own great place to work.

But don't rush it!

To get the best results, take the time to plan, review, communicate, educate and gradually integrate the 19 steps into your business.  I recommend working through the four sections, starting at the top of the checklist, and integrating one section per quarter year. That way, it will take a full 12 months to have the systems in place that are the foundations of a great place to work.

Good luck

Turning your business into a great place to work is likely to be one of the most rewarding journeys you take as a leader.  I wish I'd had a checklist like this when I started The Physio Co back in 2004. Here's one to kickstart your culture transformation.

Please let me know how it works for you.  And if you need a hand or have a question, please just ask by emailing [email protected].

Download here: Culture is Everything Checklist